Firearms Safety Classes for Kansas and Missouri

Firearms Education for Every Experience Level at The Bullet Hole – A Kansas City Gun Shop

Safe and responsible firearms handling is our top priority at The Bullet Hole. We offer classes, competitions, and special events for all levels of shooters at our indoor shooting range. Our instructors are friendly, knowledgable, incredibly easy to work with, and provide a comfortable learning environment for everyone in our community.

Whether your goals are self-defense, preparedness, or competition, our suite of firearms training programs provide a broad foundation on which to build. As shooters ourselves, we are passionate about sharing the rewarding experience of learning and growing and training.

The Bullet Hole is an official partner of the U.S. Concealed and Carry Association (USCCA). Contact us today to find out how you can enroll in training with one of our certified USCCA instructors.  

At The Bullet Hole, we believe everyone has the right to learn how to use a firearm and learn about concealed carry, as well as other self-defense skills.  Our team is committed to helping women in Kansas City become comfortable training with firearms and learning how to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Below are some of the skills our instructors teach students in the Women’s program. A womens-only firearms course covering: 
  • Basic firearm function 
  • Proper loading and unloading procedures 
  • Safe firearms handling 
  • Physical self-defense 
  • Situational awareness 
  • How to select the right firearm for you 
  Watch yourself transform with our women’s classes, and build lasting friendships with other like-minded women. Classes fill up fast! Contact The Bullet Hole and enroll in a class today! 
The Bullet Hole has classes for all skill levels. Beginning your journey in firearms training, or feel like you need a refresher course? Our Basic Firearms Handling 101 course is ideal for you. Our instructors will help you become familiar with basic firearm function, safe-handling, range etiquette, trigger manipulation, and more.  
Interested in acquiring a concealed carry permit in Kansas or Missouri? The Bullet Hole has regularly scheduled concealed carry classes, taught in one of our modern classrooms. Our concealed carry courses are focused on providing the most current and up to date information available, with highly trained and USCCA certified instructors. 
The Bullet Hole offers classes that develop or improve your home defense plans. We prepare students with an understanding of the basics of home security: how incorporating cameras, lighting, and landscaping can create a preventative system of security, with firearms use being the last resort.
The Bullet Hole offers training solutions for getting off of the square range, and working from a holster! Check out our Tactical Tuesday drill class to really hone your skills!
Need to work on the finer points of handgun marksmanship? This class is for you!    
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